Kubota Z482 Engines for Sale




These beautiful Kubota "Super-Mini" 2-cylinder 13.5 HP diesel engines are new and unused. There are four available. A starter and starter mount plate is included, There is no factory warranty as they are "old stock" but we guarantee they are new and unused and that they will run. A testing period of two weeks after receipt is allowed. If the engine fails to run it may be returned at buyer's expense for the full purchase price (not including shipping).

The engines are located in Marrickville, NSW 2204 (suburb of Sydney) and are for local pickup or shipment to Australia addresses only at shipping cost plus $25 for packing. The price is A$1995 per engine.



Kubota Model Z482
Manufacturer   Kubota
Model   Z482-E2B
Fuel Type   Diesel
Condition   New
No. of Cylinders   2
Bore x Stroke mm (in) 67 x 68 (2.64 x 2.68)
Displacement L (cu.in.) 0.479 (29.23)
Combustion System   IDI
Intake System   Natural aspirated
Cooling System   Radiator cooling
Starter Capacity V-A 12-0.7
Dry Weight kg (lbs) 53.1 (117.1)
Dimensions Length1
mm (in) 360.6 (14.20)
404.0 (15.91)
564.1 (22.21)
Engine has
Extended Run
Oil Pan with
mm (in) 215.9 (8.5)
317.5 (12.5)
108.0 (4.25)
Controls and Gauges   not included
Sensors   oil pressure, water temp
Industrial Use Gross Intermittent 3600 kW/HP/PS 9.9/13.3/13.5
3000 8.3/11.1/11.3
2800 7.7/10.3/10.5
2600 7.1/9.5/9.7
2400 6.6/8.8/8.9
2200 6.0/8.0/8.2
Net Intermittent 3600 kW/HP/PS 9.3/12.5/12.7
3000 7.9/10.6/10.8
2800 7.4/9.9/10.0
2600 6.9/9.2/9.3
2400 6.3/8.4/8.6
2200 5.8/7.8/7.9
Net Continuous 3600 kW/HP/PS 8.1/10.9/11.0
3000 6.9/9.2/9.3
2800 6.4/8.6/8.7
2600 6.0/8.0/8.1
2400 5.5/7.4/7.5
2200 5.1/6.8/6.9
Generator Use Stand-by 3600 kW/HP/PS 8.9/11.9/12.1
3000 7.5/10.1/10.2
Continuous 3600 8.1/10.9/11.0
3000 6.8/9.1/9.3
*Specifications are according to Kubota's literature and are not verified by the seller.
*Dry weight is according to Kubota's standard specification. When specification varies, the weight will vary accordingly.
1Front to back of engine.
2Side to side of engine

Performance Curves

Kubota Z482 performance curve Kubota Z482 performance curve

Dimensions mm (inch)

Disclaimer: The diagrams and data shown here are from the manufacturer and are for the "stock" Kubota Z482-E2B. The actual engines for sale are not stock engines; they do not come with a fan, alternator, air cleaner, or shutdown solenoid; however,these engines have a 5L "extended run" oil sump and oversized cooling system. There may be other minor differences from the stock model. See photos below.

Kubota Z482 dimensions Kubota Z482 dimensions Kubota Z482 dimensions

Kubota new model features





PDF Documents Available

SM-E2B Series Workshop Manual
Kubota Z482 Brochure
Service Specs